Sports Garden – 2017

The Sports Garden – 2017

The Sports Garden – is the combination of two premiere Volleyball facilities in Coppell, TX.  Perfectly located just off George Bush (190) and Belt Line Rd one minute between Luna Rd and MacArthur – (broader view, 190 and I-35E.)  With a combined 24 lighted sand volleyball courts, many large flat-screen TVs including a 28ft screen, several bars, great food, Darts, Pool, a Big Ass fan, and a great staff!   These Volleyball Bars have been serving you for the last 20 years.

  • Coppell Sports Garden North – 1850 E. Belt Line Road, Coppell, TX 75019
  • Coppell Sports Garden South – 1849 E. Belt Line Road, Coppell, TX 75019

To Register for our 2017 Leagues –

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  • Match Play – (4 Time-slots) – 2 games to 21 with an 21 point cap, if needed game 3 to 15 cap 15 (Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
    • Monday . (5 Time-slots) – 2 games to 18 with an 18 point cap, if needed game 3 to 15 cap 15 
    • Thursday – (5 Time-slots) – 2 games to 19 with an 19 point cap, if needed game 3 to 15 cap 15 
  • 6 week leagues – 5 weeks of ‘Round Robin’ pool play and week 6 is Playoffs
  • All 4×4 & 6×6 Leagues are Double Headers 

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Upcoming Leagues:

Sunday’s start September 17th, 2017

Monday’s start October 16th, 2017

Tuesday’s start October 17th, 2017

Tuesday Same Gender KQOTB starts October 24th, 2017

 Wednesday Coed KQOTB starts October 10th, 2017

Wednesday’s start September 27th, 2017

Thursday’s start September 21st, 2017

Don’t have a team?!  No Problem!!

King of the Beach 4×4; Queen of the Beach 4×4; and Coed King of the Beach 4×4 (KOTB)

We offer leagues where you sign up individually and get paired up with a different team of 4 players each week to compete, the KOTB.  No team needed, you sign up individually.  The players you play with this week may be across the net from you next week!  The points your team earns go with you from week to week.  At the end of the session we have a playoff night of all of the top point earners so we can crown the King/Queen of the Beach.  

  • Tuesday Nights – Same Gender King/Queen of the Beach 4×4 – September 5th
  • Wednesday Nights – Coed King of the Beach 4×4 – August 23rd

Here are the formats/divisions in detail as offered for Sports Garden:

Coed and Open Gender 6×6 –

  • All coed 6×6 teams must have at least two females to play
  • Open Gender teams are not required to have a girl on the court
  • On rare occasions we may need to combine the OG with Coed, OG rules will be used
  • The coed rule is Not in effect for any 6×6 league
  • Referees are provided ONLY for the 6×6 “C”– level league teams

Open Gender 4×4 –

  • There is no requirement for the gender make-up of the team

Coed 4×4 – 

  • Must have at least one girl on the team and follow the Coed Rule
  • Coed Rule – if that ball gets hit more than once on your side of the net, one of the hits must be by a girl

DOUBLES – Coed 2×2, Men’s 2×2, and Women’s 2×2 –

  • These are offered Sundays and Mondays
  • 3 sets (games) per match, no guaranteed double headers because:
  • You can play Coed and Same Gender the same day without a scheduling conflict
  • Offered Sundays (BB/A) and Mondays (A/AA)

League_Rules – Click to view

Regular League Pricing:

League fees are required to be paid before your first night of play.  On-line payments preferred, no additional fees applied

All 2×2 league – $120

All 4×4 league -Double Header – $220

All 6×6 league – Double Header -$300

All KOTB League $60 (Individual)

Worried about the Weather?

Possible cancellation updates are posted at the top of Each Schedule page by approx 4:45 on the day of the league.  (It’s Texas, and things change!)

Be sure to REFRESH the page for the latest version

But if it is getting close to game-time and you are still unsure, dial 469-358-1684

Skill Level Descriptions for Leagues

C – Novice/Beginner – Can get the ball over the net most every time, vague understanding of the rules – generally only plays 6×6 leagues

B – Recreational level – Has some ball control, understands and tries to use the Bump-Set-Hit, has an understanding of the rules – generally plays 6×6 and 4×4

BB – Intermediate– Uses the Bump-Set-Hit concept every rally, most can overhand serve, understands the positions and has good court mobility – plays some 6×6 but mostly 4×4 and 2×2

A – Advanced – Has solid ball control, consistent passing, setting, and hitting; can place the serve anywhere desired – Plays 4×4 and 2×2

AA – Expert – These players know who they are!