La Playa – (formerly Yucatan) – Coppell, TX

La Playa – Sand Volleyball 

(Formerly known as the Yucatan Beach Club) – Champagne Volleyball runs Volleyball leagues 5 nights a week!

La Playa is a premiere Volleyball facility with 10 lighted sand courts, a swimming pool, several large flat-screen TVs, 3 bars, good food, Darts, Pool, and a great staff!   La Playa is the new name of the Volleyball Bar you have known as Yucatan for the last 15 years – And although the Ownership has changed, and some modifications have been made, you still have the same great bar and volleyball club you have loved for as long as you have been playing here.  New to the area, come be a part of a GREAT 2014!

FALL League Teams get at least 24 games guaranteed*

*(players on multiple teams the same night, each team gets 18 games)


*(If you have already registered but still need to pay, Click Here)

You can still get into either of these league days, register now!!!!

  • Monday – Men’s 2×2, Women’s 2×2 and Coed 2×2 for FALL begin Oct 20th
  • Sunday – Semi-Coed 4×4, Open Gender 4×4, and All Divisions of 2×2 – Join us Oct 19th
    • Sundays will be moving to afternoon/evening game times that will range from approx 3pm to 7pm

**(If you are trying to Register for the King/Queen of the Beach Leagues, Click Here)

Schedules & Standings (Click the link below)

Formats Offered:

  • Coed 6×6 – Teams must have at least two girls on the court, no coed rule but never more that two guys in the front row at any time
  • Open Gender 6×6 – Teams can be made up of any combination of guys and/or girls,er more that two guys in the front row at any time
  • Coed 4×4 – Teams must have at least one girl on the court and there is a Coed Rule enforced
  • Open Gender 4×4 – Teams can be made up of all guys, girls or any combination, no coed rule
  • Women’s 4×4 – The net is set to women’s height, and the teams must be all women
  • Coed, Men’s, and Women’s 2×2 – These are offered Sundays and Mondays and you can play Coed and SG same day without a scheduling conflict
  • Same Gender and Coed King/Queen of the Beach 4×4

Don’t have a team?!  No Problem!!

We offer leagues where you sign up individually and get paired up with a different team of 4 players each week to compete.  No team needed, you sign up individually.  The players you play with this week may be across the net from you next week!  The points your team earns go with you from week to week.  At the end of the session we have a playoff night of all of the top point earners so we can crown the King/Queen of the Beach.  We offer same gender versions as well as coed.  

To Register for the King/Queen of the Beach Leagues, Click Here

League Fees:

  • All 6×6 leagues – $285 – Includes a referee for all matches
  • All 4×4 leagues – $200
  • All 3×3 leagues – $180
  • All 2×2 leagues – $120
  • Any KOTB or single player payments – $60

League fees are required to be paid before a team can be placed on the schedule.  On-line payments are the preferred method but do require a nominal service fee.

League Rules and Policies for Sand Shack and La Playa of Volley Ranch

Schedules & Standings (Click the link below)

Worried about the Weather?
  • Possible cancellation updates are posted at the top of Each Schedule by approx 4:45 on the day of the league.  (It’s Texas, and things change!)
  • Be sure to REFRESH the page for the latest version
  • But if it is getting close to game-time and you are still unsure, dial 469-358-1684
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