How much does it cost to play in a league?
Please check each Venue’s page on our site for the specific league pricing.

How do I pay for a league?

  • Online – You can pay for a league online immediately after you register the team, you will then add that league to your shopping cart. We accept all major credit cards and paypal.

What happens if it rains?

Rainouts are an occurance that happen through the course of the playing season.  If your night is rained out, we will notify you on the schedules page by 4:45pm the day of the league, (1:00 on Sundays).  Decisions are not made prior to this as it IS Texas, and things change at the drop of a 10 gallon hat.  (I’ve seen one, I think!)

One of my teammates can’t make it. Can I get a sub for that player?

We are pretty liberal as it pertains to subs.  During the course of normal session play, you may use someone that is not officially on your team provided they are a similarly skill leveled player.  If it is a playoff night, every player on your team must have played at least two different nights, and must be on the signed player roster/team waiver for your team.

If your Questions were not answered here, please email them and we will answer them directly.  They may even end up right here!


Rob West